Decanters and separators HAUS

The modern and highly effective decanter centrrifuges HAUS designed for treatment facilities of drinking water, city and industrial sewage. Centrifuges are designed so that to minimize use of polymer and to provide the maximum dryness of a sludge at the high level of an entrance stream. High efficiency is provided by optimization of control speed rotation of the centrifuge and, respectively, the arising centrifugal forces.

The decanter is used for division of firm-liquid or firm-liquid-liquid suspensions. The machine consists of a cylindrical bowl which is rotated with a high speed, the screw which rotates coaxially with other speed, the transmission regulating a difference of speeds bowl and screew. The product moves along the central axis to the distributor of bowl and then accelerates in a bowl under the influence of centrifugal force. Under the influence of centrifugal force firm particles collect on a bowl wall. The deposit is unloaded the screw from conic part of a drum.
All details contacting to a product it is made of stainless steel. Besides, for creation of the maximum safety the bowl is manufactured by a centrifugal method of molding. Thus, the bowl has a uniform microstructure and has no microcracks.

Separators HAUS are designed to clarify the liquid in liquid-solid mixture or for liquid-liquid separation in the liquid-liquid-solid mixtures. General principle is providing the solids extraction from the environment continuously and fast, by mechanically separating different liquid and solid phases in order to meet the need of modern industrial processes. 

Separator is consisted of a bowl group rotating at high speeds, the drive elements that drive the bowl and the body that carries the bowl and drive components.

Separator continuously separates a solid and liquid or two liquid phase in a single stage by using high centrifugal force. Separator, by utilizing high centrifugal force, separates a solid and one or two liquid phases from each other continuously. As solids having higher density than liquids are pushed against the inner wall of the bowl and precipitated, the liquids having less density forms coaxial inner layers. The point that these two phases come across is called interface. This interface can be easily changed to get the best result.

All the parts in contact with product is made of stainless steel.