Mechanical wastewater treatment

SYG System GmbH


The SYG system brand unites a number of the machine-building and machine-assembling enterprises of Austria, Italy, Spain and Germany which close interaction allowed to increase coverage of the technological directions in the sphere of sewage treatment and to bring new structure to the level of universal global manufacturers. Formation of SYG System provided repeated expansion of the range of production, connected the scientific and technical potential and production forces of several enterprises, lifted efficiency and quality of work of all divisions. Today, we note a number of unconditional advantages and appeal of SYG System in comparison with many highly specialized suppliers.

The wide product range for equipment of treatment facilities which part development is, well-known and gained expert recognition in this in branch around the world, was already credible the design and construction organizations in Western Europe, and in 2010 the company declared itself and on the Euroasian space.

The marketing policy of SYG System leans on possibility of piece modification of products - exclusive complex production according to requirements of the customer and professes the principle of "soft expansion" in the market. It is expressed in consecutive advance of production at the expense of good recommendations and responses among experts and the authoritative design organizations and flexible pricing. According to the management of the company, similar tactics is the best confirmation of reliability in the business relation and testifies to a high level of quality of production.