Membrane modules Hydranautics

Hydranautics - the producer of the effective and innovative equipment for wastewater treatment on the basis of MBR. Production of the company is certified according to the quality system ISO9001:2000.
Having two research centers in the USA and Japan, three productions in the USA, Japan and China, the Hydranautics company provides to the clients the best decisions for wastewater treatment. 

  Technology MBR (Membrane BioReactor) combines the processes of biological purification of waste waters from organic pollution by aerobic microorganisms of the activated sludge, separation of purified water from the activated sludge in the ultrafiltration membrane and disinfection of waste water, as fiber membranes do not allow bacteria.

Membrane modules HYDRAsub® used in the MBR to clean any wastewater (urban or industrial) with significant biological activity. Compared to the classical scheme of wastewater treatment with the use of aeration, the use of membranes HYDRAsub® this:®

- A pledge of more high degree of wastewater treatment;

- It works with higher concentrations of activated sludge, which is 3 times higher in comparison with classical technologies with the aeration tanks;

- A significant reduction in the area of development due to the lack of need for secondary sedimentation tanks, filters, post-treatment, to reduce the volume of aeration razervuarov 3 times (by increasing the concentration of activated sludge);

- Reduction of power plants dewatering (by 2-3 times in comparison with classical technologies with the aeration tanks);

- Reducing reagent consumption and energy consumption;

- Ensure the full retention of bacteria in the volume of MBR, which allows you to cultivate slow-growing (nitrifying microorganisms that oxidize bio resistant connection), but effective water purification kinds of microorganisms;

- Removing the possibility of removal of activated sludge and suspended solids;

- Absence of microorganisms in the treated waste water which does not pass through the ultrafiltration membrane.

MBR modules HYDRAsub® consist of hollow fiber elements of PVDF material (a polymer which has high chemical and mechanical resistance to most chemical compounds), the pipes (adapters) for discharging treated water (permeate) and the air supply housing of stainless steel with the unique design of the system air distribution. Depending on the required capacity of wastewater treatment plants, membranes modules are combined in blocks of membrane module. The number of membrane modules and units can be increased or decreased without a significant increase investment in the event of the need to change the performance of wastewater treatment facilities.

The modules are available in a wide range of sizes of filtration area of 25 to 2400 m2.

Elements HYDRAsub® have a standard size of filtration area: 15, 25 and 40 m2 - for use in urban, industrial block or container-type wastewater treatment plants.

HYDRAsub® modules have a very high capasity (up to 34 (l•m2)/hour for most urban waste water at 20 °C), which allows you to reduce capital costs and footprint. The use of fibers made of PVDF and a fairly simple process operation - two important benefits, resulting in a reliable and sustainable results.

To date, confirmed by the guaranteed lifetime of the membrane elements is not less than 7 years.