Aeration systems

SUPRATEC GmbH makes more than 35 years systems of aeration of waste water and has more than 4000 projects of systems of aeration. The SUPRATEC company creates modern energy saving systems of aeration of wastewater. Plate, disc and tube diffusers from polymers and ceramics are used around the world. SUPRATEC diffusers are suitable for the wide range of applications, however, they are used generally for systems of supply of oxygen in biological processes of wastewater treatment.

Disc diffusers

The membrane disc diffusor OXYFLEX®-MT consists of the equal, strengthened by stiffening ribs, strengthened by fiber glass polypropylene disk and the membrane tense on it (for example, EPDM).

The integral ring from the polypropylene strengthened by fiber glass reliably holds a membrane on a framework. On a framework there is a male threat (the standard an external threat 1", other unions to order).

In the OXYFLEX® MT 300 AS model have the clamp saddle for installation on a pipe of round section is included in the package of delivery.


The case of Permox® T the ceramic disc diffuser is made of the polypropylene reinforced by fiber glass. The porous ceramic membrane is fixed by means of a plastic ring from the polypropylene reinforced by fiber glass. You can establish to Permox® T ceramic disk diffusers is established on all types of pipelines and are suitable only for continuous work. Permox® T ceramic disc diffusers have diameters of 300 and 235 mm.

Tube diffusers

OXYFLEX®-MS70 tube diffusers develop fine gas bubbles of a diameter <2 mm and can can be operated inetmittently. They are highly resistant to solling.

OXYFLEX®-MS70 membrane tube diffusers are suitable for installation on stainless steel and plastic pipes and for all forms of tanks, but are particularly suitable for medium to large tanks. OXYFLEX®-MS70 membrane tube diffusers have a proven record in municipal and industrial plants worldwide.


The body is a Polypropylene (PP) reinforced oval tube. A membrane is putted over this body. A non return valve is integrated in the body. Concerning the with of oval body of the diffuser, and the resulting wide working area these is a high efficiency given. A additional advance of the oval membrane tube diffusers - OXYFLEX®-OM is the very little pressure loss corresponding to the high efficiency.

6-Supratec.png Membrane tube diffusor PERMOX®-OM have the powerful and strong case from stainless steel on which the membrane with slot-hole openings is got. The membrane is fixed by two clips from stainless steel. In the middle of the case there is a branch pipe for stitched air Ø28 mm, the fillet passing on all length of aeration. The case on the ends is rounded off. The sealant located between the case and the pipeline provides tightness of system.
PERMOX®-R - ceramic tube diffusors. Rigid, the porous ceramic tube diffusor PERMOX®-R is manufactured of mix of quartz sand and synthetic pitch. PERMOX®-R the ceramic tube diffuser is suitable only for continuous work and can be established on a rectangular pipe.
Plate diffusors

Base plate of OXYFLEX® MF1100 membrane plate diffusor is manufactured of the ribber and fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene. Depending on model and a scope the membrane is made of EPDM, silicone or polyurethane..

Application of OXYFLEX® MF1100 of membrane plate diffusers provides durability, high operational reliability and reduces energy consumption of aeration system. MF1100 plate diffusers remain completely functional and reach design parameters with the minimum losses of pressure even after shrinkage of a membrane because of aging. The membrane from EPDM of production of the Supratec company proved the quality and high operational characteristics at the term of operation till 15 years on many treatment facilities..


OXYFLEX® MF650 membrane plate diffusers are more compact, than MF1100 that gives the chance to use them in small tanks..

You can use membrane plate diffusers for equipment or modernization of any types and the sizes of aeration systems irrespective of, you use round or rectangular pipes..